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a sweet nightingale who sings about darkness


Singer/songwriter from Austin, TX, writes songs about love, lust, hope and disappointment. Carrie considers herself a folk singer, but her pop sensibility and country instincts make a delicious mix of catchy, heartbreaking tunes. She strives to write simple, sincere songs that pull on your heart strings and hopefully, make you tap your feet.

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Scrappy Jud Newcomb says, “I could get fancy here, but I think what needs to be said is Carrie is an honest songwriter with a deeply beautiful voice.”

Steve Poltz says, “Carrie’s songs are like meat hooks in a slaughter house. They rip into your stomach lining and move up to your heart… and all you can do is just hang there and watch yourself bleed to death.”

Slim says, “Carrie’s songs are heartbreaking, half the time you’re wishing the songs were written about you and the other half you’re so glad they weren’t.”

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Momentary Love Management
​Lou DeMarco


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